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Safety Valves

Air, Gas & Steam

  • Steam boilers and generators
  • Air/Gas compressors - reciprocating or rotary
  • Pressure vessels - containing steam, air or non-hazardous gas
  • Pressure reducing stations

Relief Valves

Liquid Service

  • Fire pump service, UL and FM approved models
  • Overpressure relief and protection of pumps, tanks, lines and hydraulic systems
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Pressure Regulating Valves

Air, Gas, Steam & Liquid

  • Water, Air, Light Oil: spray equipment, dishwashers, air tanks, food, chemical and industrial process lines
  • Steam: unit heater, pressing irons, steam cookers, degreasers, sterilizers, vulcanizers

Cryogenic Valves and Controls

  • Pressure reducing valves, pressure build-up regulators, back pressure valves
  • Economizer and combination valves
  • Low temperature cut-off valves, safety relief and shut-off valves
  • Final line regulators, strainers, high purity valves
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Safety Valves

  • Vents excess flow to prevent system pressure from exceeding a preset limit

Flow Control Valves

  • Controls the pressure of flow for air, liquid or gas

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